3x3 panpacificu logo

     The logo takes after the acronym of the Panpacific University to create a pillar, which shows the University’s role as a pillar for education. Its triangular formation symbolizes “delta” or change, which expresses the transformation that the University is now undergoing to provide its students better education and environment. It also represents the trifocal functions of higher education institution-instruction, research and extension.

    The streaks beneath is an interpretation of a leaf, which symbolizes the sustainable practices of Panpacific University. The color green symbolizes growth, harmony, and safety.  The color blue in the logo shows the association of the word “Panpacific” with the crest of a wave. It is associated with depth and stability, and symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith and truth. All in all, the logo is a representation of the University’s roots as well as its vision of dynamism for the future.