Dreams PUNP

James E. Dale –  Composer/Arranger, Pianist
Gary LaVigne – Lyricist, Saxophone
Produced by SUNSET Productions, Florida USA

Tomorrow is here
We hold the key
To open the doors
Where dreams become reality
We loyal daughters and sons,
Gratefully offer praise to one to PUNP

With honor and pride
We sing of thee
Our own faithful guide
Of science and technology
To better lives here at home
And o’er the sea
Let your fame be known

When we think of
The teachers and friends
We have made
Who transform our lives as they do
We know distance and time
Cannot steal them away
In our hearts burns a flame
Ever true…

Tomorrow is here
We hold the key
The future is ours
And dreams are now reality
Standing tall in your light
Where glory shines
With our heads held high
We sing of thee, PUNP
Sing praise to thee…P.U.N.P.!