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PanpacificU Online Admission

Become a Panpacific! Online Admission is now available for an easy way to enroll at the Panpacific University. Just click the link below.

Panpacific Graduate School Advisory

Final Examination Schedule

ATTENTION TO ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS and ALL CONCERNED! Please be informed that the Final Examination is tentatively re-scheduled on April 15,16,17,2020. Please be kept posted for further announcements.


With the approval of Mayor Julio Parayno III, we will have final examinations for the college level students on March 19-20, 2020. Necessary precautions will be implemented at the gate of our University.

Academic Scholars

Mountain Province State Polytechnic College Benchmarking with our International Programs

Thank you Dr. Venus Grace Fagyan, VP for Resource Generation and Linkage and Dr. Willow Fangket of Mountain Province State Polytechnic College in Bontoc Mountain Province for choosing our university to benchmark in your International Programs.

Tertiary Education Subsidy Grantees (SY 2018-2019)

Schedule of Enrollment

Panpacific Graduate School Call for Applications forComprehensive Examination

Entrance Scholarship Examination

To all future Panpacifics, Come and take the college entrance examination. We have scholarship programs for you. Please bring your school ID and pencil.