College of Crimininal Justice Education

  • Vision

    The CCJE envisions to become the preferred leading center for the study of criminology and criminal

  • Mission

    The CCJE shall commit to provide relevant and responsive curriculum and innovative technology,
    sustained linkages with the community and industry and research-based programs geared towards the
    formation of graduates that meet the national and global demands in the fields of criminology,
    public safety, public administration, criminal justice and law enforcement.

  • Objectives

    The CCJE aims to produce quality graduates with high moral and ethical standards who can deliver
    efficient and effective service in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, public safety,
    police and law enforcement administration and imbued with the ability to:

    • Apply most recent researches related to the fields of law enforcement, criminal
      investigation, criminalistics and criminal justice;

    • demonstrate leadership skills and values necessary to compete locally and globally;

    • work collaboratively with other members of the law enforcement and investigative agencies;

    • internalize the importance of respecting human rights as a foundation of sound citizenship;

    • relate with and serve his fellowmen regardless of gender, social status, and political and
      religious affiliations;

    • contribute unselfish effort to community services aimed to improve the socio-economic
      status of the people;