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PanpacificU & UEL Joint Lectures
DATE: 08/05/2021

The Joint Lectures with our international partner, the University of Economics and Law (UEL) started last April 28, 2021. The first lecture was given by Dr. Engelbert Pasag, the Director for International Linkages and the OIC-Dean of the Panpacific Business School.

The lecture was attended by several students enrolled in the business and economics program of the UEL, which is in the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Dr. Pasag discussed the topic “Strategic Implementation”. He emphasized the importance of having a good strategy as a starting point. Then the implementation of the strategy is next.

The lecture lasted for almost two hours and facilitated by the different instructors. It was organized by Office of International Linkages of UEL and PanpacificU.

Truly, this is how the PanpacificU is helping the country in building friendship among our ASEAN peers and its students.