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Transitioning to the New Panpacific Graduate School Normal: A Webinar
DATE: 28/04/2020

Dear Panpacific Graduate School Students and Professors,
A. Should you wish to participate in the session, login in your official PanpacificU email and click this link: (in case link does not work, check the official FB for updates).
B. Here is the simple program for tomorrow:
Prayer – Dr. Mylene Eublera
Vision/Mission – Dr. Charito Somera
A Backgrounder on Covid – Dr. Pedro Arongat
How Educational Institutions are Reacting? – Dr. Jonathan Somera
The New Normal at the PGS – Dr. Engelbert Pasag
How to log in your PU GSuite Account – Nathan Jaravata
How to Enroll – Elias Espana
Introduction to Faculty for the Third Trimester – Dr. Pedro or Dr. Jonathan
Words of Thanks – Dr. Charito Somera
C. Read and follow the guidelines below:
1. The Webinar will start at exactly 10 a.m, April 28, 2020. Facilitators are online 9:30 AM.
2. Please prepare your laptop, tablet or smartphone with high audio quality for the discussion. The use of headphone or earphone is highly encouraged.
3. Fifteen (15) minutes before the SESSION, kindly check your audio quality for the discussion and Q&A.
4. During the seminar, only the speaker is allowed to use the microphone for the purpose of quality audio during discussion. All participants should switch off their microphones. Kindly listen attentively to the presentations. You can take notes when needed.
5. Q&A. Participants may prepare questions to be addressed to the speaker or facilitator. Kindly shorten your questions and go straight to the point in order to shorten the airtime. If your audio is not too clear, use the comment box to write your name and your comments or questions. Questions will be answered during the session. Due to number of participants, not all questions will be answered. However, all remaining questions will be answered through an email.
Please stay safe and stay healthy. We hope to see everyone tomorrow.