Philippines-China Education Research Institute

The Philippines-China Education Research Institute of the Panpacific University is founded on the philosophy of giving a world-class foundation of authentic education in the pan pacific rim. Through its vision and mission, this institution will provide avenues for educational research innovation. This educational research in collaboration with our Chinese educational partner aims to deliver a cross-educational research platform. In history, the Philippines-China bond then has its long term relationship through trading and commerce. This then created an opportunity not just for the sake of trade and market but mutual understanding and respect. The Chinese people, known for their resilient outlook and perseverance, shared their character and nature to us Filipinos over time. At present, the Philippine-China relationship committed a deeper understanding, promoting success and growth in the socio-economic strand.

The functions of this educational research open a mission to improve educational practices in different fields. The need of improving educational practices opens an opportunity for exploring the vast sea of knowledge. This research institute will dig deeper into the realms of a holistic attitude of research. Exchange of learning strategies in research methods will carry out a new core curriculum and subject teaching methods. Learning strategies that are highly operational shaping the national character is an innovative feature of success and stability. Measurement and analysis of student’s educational attainment, psychological, and pedagogical fundamentals of school accomplishment is also the focus of this research institute. This will be a major development of constructing a network of socio-economic strategies and platforms in the country. Thus, national development will flourish and bloom as it partners with one of the stabilized economic powers in the Asian region.

Hence, emphasizing education development is the key to improving national and human development for innovation and success. Forging the relationship between the Philippines and China in terms of education is truly an efficient way for research education, as China has its economic status of delivering satisfactory results in the world market. This should bring an era of prosperity in the field of research. The educational research institute opens an exchange of such methods and bears the fruit of effective learning.

Giving significance to the need of learning new materials in exchange for opportunities is what the Educational Research Institute aims. This will provide experience for exchange student programs and scholarship grants for Filipinos that will study and conduct research in China. Chinese scholars will also have the chance to study and be part of the educational projects with Filipino researchers. Having such opportunities will be an avenue of progress and research innovation. The people behind this project are Dr. Li Tian Yu, through the initiative of Dr. Engelbert C. Pasag, PhD., Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the Office of International Linkages.

The Philippines-China Educational Research Institute will be the gateway to learning, forging a connection of providing world-class quality standard research for the benefit of the world. The institute will be supervised by the Office of the International Linkages and Dr. Li Tian Yu. This agreement is established at the Panpacific University, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, the Philippines dated September 1, 2020.