Research and Extension


The Panpacific University (PanpacificU), through the Research & Extension Office (REO), aims to foster and strengthen university-community relationship through mutual cooperation and support of planned extension programs and services.

The University is geared towards the principles of collaboration, convergence of the trifocal functions, and diffusion of impact-driven extension activities. Collaboration is to be attained in its various senses: institutional, individual, collegial, disciplinal, global, and community-based. Convergence emphasizes how extension is closely linked with research and instruction in the University. Extension activities must be research-oriented, knowledge-generating, and could be used in updating students’ learning and in community-building. Last but not the least, the principle of diffusion is observed in the dissemination and publication of impact-driven Extension activities.

Ultimately, the goal of the University in institutionalizing this extension agenda is the University’s increase of extension activity productivity, visible impact and relevance, enhancement of extension capability, maintenance of quality, and promotion of a community-building environment that is quality- and excellence-driven. To attain these, PanpacificU adheres to the principle of PUNP CARES Model as described below.


  1. Participatory
  2. United and integrative
  3. Networking
  4. People-focused
  5. Convergent
  6. Awareness of the Community
  7. Research Oriented
  8. Empowerment
  9. Service

The University shall, through its various programs serve the community various ways. The heterogeneity of expertise from the different programs will ensure optimal services to the community which now translates its vision and mission of building better lives for the community.

These programs shall be implemented in the spirit of volunteerism hence, should be out of any curricular requirement. This however, does not prohibit the Schools from holding curricular-related activities in the adopted barangay and/or partner barangay but this will be considered as service learning.

Moreover, the Extension Program of the Panpacific University prioritizes on enhanced Partnership in delivering Unified multidisciplinary Nurturing Projects: Community Peace and Order, Alleviation of Poverty, Remarkable Literacy Program, Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (including Disaster Risk Reduction and Management) and Sustainable Quality of Life. With this and in consideration of the core values of the University, it shall justify its claim that PUNP CARES by delivering its various programs as follows:

Focus areas for the Panpacific Extension Programs

Service Focal School Activities
Lingkod Karunungan School of Education and Arts

School of Computer Studies

School of Basic Education

Graduate School

Remedial classes on literacy, numeracy and information technology;

Capability building activities

Lingkod Kalikasan School of Maritime Education

School of Engineering

Environmental Management
Lingkod Kalusugan School of Health Sciences Health-related activities;

Nutrition counseling;

Reproductive Health;

Health-promotion activities

Lingkod Kapayapaan School of Criminal Justice Education Governance Human-rights
Lingkod Kabuhayan School of Business and Management Education

Graduate School

Livelihood programs/ entrepreneurial activities Management
Lingkod Katarungan School of Law Graduate School Ethico-legal Relations and Management;