University Policies


Conduct in the school

Proper deportment is expected from all students at all times. Members of the administration, faculty, staff and fellow students are to be treated with respect.

English is the medium of instruction in most of the subjects at Panpacific University. As a matter of courtesy to all nationalities, English also is to be used at all times in school and by all as the medium of social communication.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in the educational setting in such a way that teachers can teach and other students can learn. Disruptions to this important process will not be tolerated;

Consistent with exercising proper deportment and good manners, the following are not permitted at all in relating to others:

  • Rudeness and/or insulting actions or words;
  • Foul or vulgar language
  • Unruly conduct;
  • Excessive noise;
  • Class disturbance;
  • Pranks or distasteful jokes;
  • Teasing or bullying.

Conduct outside the school

While disciplinary guidelines only applies to pupils and students in the school campus, Panpacific University reserves the right to make sure that its name will not be put in danger, scandals, and/or any form of abuse.

Students, faculty, administration, and personnel needs to make sure that their conduct and behavior outside school campus will not put the name of the school in danger, scandal and abuse.

Panpacific University will give proper action for anyone who violates this rule.


Parents/Guardians proper conduct in the School

  • All learners are taught and provided with proper conduct and decorum while inside the school campus.
  • All parents/guardians or visitors should also practice proper conduct and decorum while inside the school campus. Parents/Guardians/Visitors should come to school in proper attire or wear appropriate clothing.
  • No parents/guardians/visitors should be in their slippers, shorts, “sando”, spaghetti attire or any informal attire at school. Intoxication of alcohol while inside the school campus is definitely not allowed.
  • Fetching area or waiting area is provided for parents/guardians/visitors.

Respect for Property

  • Care and safety of personal belongings are the student’s responsibility. The school is not responsible for the loss or disappearance of money, cellular phones, other electronic devices, or personal articles,
  • Stealing other’s property, even in the guise of pranks or jokes, will not be tolerated; students found to be stealing will be subjected to serious sanctions including suspension or withdrawal from school. The school reserves the right to do random locker/bag check.
  • Each student is responsible for all books issued to him/her. All textbooks borrowed from other students should always be returned to the rightful owner. All books borrowed from the library should be duly recorded and returned on time. Returned books with graffiti or torn pages shall be considered “damaged” and the borrower shall be charged a replacement cost. Lost books, likewise, incur a replacement cost charged to the borrower.
  • Vandalism is a serious offense. Any student caught writing on desks or wall, breaking windows, etc. will be subject to disciplinary action and would be required to make restitution for any damaged property.


  • Dangerous weapons are forbidden on campus. Also forbidden are firecrackers and any other object that might present a safety hazard.
  • While suspension is the normal penalty for such an offense, withdrawal from school may be imposed.

Substance Abuse – Dangerous Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco

  • Panpacific University has always been a drug free school. No students, school staff or even visitors are allowed to enter the school premise when they are intoxicated with drugs and/or alcohol. Smoking is prohibited in the school campus.
  • Once a student is caught carrying, using, intoxicated and/or bringing these abusive substance to school, Panpacific University has the right to do proper actions depending on the gravity of the situation. (Please see disciplinary guidelines for additional procedures.)