University Policies

Student Attendace


  1. Class tardiness is met when a student is late for his/her class for 5-14 minutes after official class time or instructional time has begun.
  2. School tardiness on the other hand is a case when a student is late for 15 minutes or more from the official start of class of the day (7:30 AM). Students once tardy to school must get an admission slip for the Office of the Deputy Head and submit the admission slip to the subject teacher of his/her first subject of the day.
  3. Four (4) incidents of tardiness is considered one day of unexcused absence.
  4. All pupils and students with 4 incidents of tardiness within a month’s time will warrant a Friday detention. A sanction of 1-2 days suspension may be given after 2 detention incidents within a semester. Parental conference maybe conducted prior to the sanction of suspension.

Cutting Class

  1. Cutting class is an offense given to a student who does not enter his/her class or literally cut class once he/she is in the school campus during class hours. A subject teacher may declare a student cutting classes once the student is not inside the classroom/learning area 15 minutes after the start of the official class schedule unless the student is excused by a faculty or by a school staff with an official excuse slip from the person concerned. Remember that no student is allowed to hang around the cafeteria/library/computer laboratory/science laboratory/playground area/Events Center/Little Theater or leave the school campus during class hours.
  2. One (1) incident of cutting class is considered one day of unexcused absence and automatically warrants a Friday detention. Three (3) incidents of cutting class will fall within the sanction of 1-2 days suspension. Parental conference maybe conducted prior to sanction of suspension.


Absences are viewed as either “excused” or “unexcused”. The student is held responsible for the lesson and assignments missed.

Reasons considered excused are the following:

  • Illness (with medical certificate)
  • Medical Appointments
  • Emergency situations
  • Death of immediate family member
  • Visa/Immigration/DFA appointments
  • Official educational engagements or court appearance

For reasons not stated above, decisions for “excused” or “unexcused” status will be at the discretion of the Head Master.