University Policies

Student Behavior

Academic Honesty

In line with Panpacific University’s vision-mission, the school does not condone cheating, lying and plagiarism.

Cheating is defined as giving or receiving any unauthorized assistance on an assignment, quiz, or test, regardless of intent. Allowing a fellow student to and copy one’s work is a form of cheating.

Lying is any misrepresentation of the truth or failure to state the truth, with the intent to deceive.

Plagiarism is any presentation of the ideas, thoughts, or words of another as one’s own regardless of intent.

Students and parents need to be aware of the following:

  • Student misbehaviors will be reported to concerned authorities.
  • Corrective measures for students who committed misbehaviors include the following: community service, restriction from activities, or suspension.
  • An automatic “no credit” or “failing grade” is given for any work which a student is found to have cheated on or plagiarized.


  1. Any student shall be held accountable for all his or her own actions.
  2. Students are reminded that, while wearing the Panpacific University uniform, they represent not only themselves but also the School.

Behavior inside the Classroom

  1. Students are expected to stay in their respective classroom/learning areas during class hours.
  2. No student is allowed to go out of the classroom unless permitted by their subject teacher or their class governor (if no faculty is around).
  3. Students must always show proper decorum inside the classroom; shouting, yelling, and unnecessary activities like playing ball or rough play are NOT allowed when subject teachers are not yet around.
  4. Class governors with the assistance of the other class officers are always in charge of discipline when subject teachers are not yet around.

Behavior along the Corridors

  1. Corridors should always be free from blockage of students who are hanging around especially during break times.
  2. In order to make everybody pass the corridors easily students must strictly follow the “KEEP RIGHT”, “NO SHOUTING”, “NO YELLING”, and “NO RUNNING” policies.

Behavior in the Cafeteria

  1. Panpacific University always follows the Clean As You GO Policy (CLAYGO). All pupils, students, faculty, school staff, and visitors are expected to clean their eating area before they go.
  2. School rules on behavior and considerable standards on table manners most certainly apply in the cafeteria. All students using the cafeteria are expected to follow the CLAYGO policy (clean as you go policy).  Students are responsible for litter at the table where they are seated.
  3. Snacks and lunches maybe brought from home and for these, there is designated area for eating and dropping off food brought from home. Kinder to Grade 3 pupils are supervised by the Homeroom Adviser, or subject teacher. Snacks and lunch meals are available at the school cafeteria. Students may go to the cafeteria only during recess, lunch, and after school time. In some instances, students may buy food at the big canteen but only if food is not available, or sold out. However, they need to get permission slips signed by the Deputy Head.

Dress Code

  1. Panpacific Univeristy maintains a “fad-neutral” policy vis-à-vis one’s appearance.
  2. Students are required to be neat and well-groomed at all times. Facial hair and earrings on boys are not allowed. Boy’s hair is to be kept neat and trimmed. Excessively long, unnaturally colored, or disheveled hair (well over the ear and shirt collar) are not allowed.
  3. Students are not allowed to sport fancy hairstyle/haircut/colored hair.
  4. Jewelry is to be understated and appropriate. Other than a wristwatch, on one piece of jewelry is to be used at a time and for girls, earrings must not be dangling nor multiple. For all, other forms of piercing accessories are not acceptable.
  5. Nail polish or any form of nail fashion statement is not allowed.
  6. Visible tattoos, whether permanent or temporary, are not allowed. However, some temporary forms of body art may be acceptable only as needed during sanctioned school events/activities.
  7. Excessive make-up, and facial/body piercing are not allowed.
  8. House shirts are only required during house activities or when required by the House Director.
  9. The school may designate certain days as non-uniform days. This means the students have the option not to wear the school uniform. However, one’s attitude must be appropriate in nature and free of vulgarity. Again the concept of “neat and well groomed” applies to all students. More details may be provided by the organization sponsoring the “non-uniform” days.
  10. Other school-issued t-shirts/jerseys may be worn, but only during indicated occasions.
  11. PE Uniforms worn should be the Panpacific University PE shirt and the Panpacific University PE pants and any rubber shoes preferably basketball shoes, tennis shoes or running shoes.
  12. School ID should be worn at all times while inside the school campus during school days. School ID should be with lace properly worn and displayed for easy identification. Pupils/students are not allowed to tamper or add features to the school ID or use invalid school ID.
  13. Slipers are not allowed at all time.
  14. Students are required to wear the complete and proper school uniform every school day, during exam days, during field trips, and at official school events, unless otherwise indicated. The uniform regulations are as follows:

Uniform for Boys

  • White short-sleeved polo shirt with green piping on the sleeves and with PUNP logo at the pocket located at the left chest. Applicable to all pupils and students.
  • Long black slacks for Grade 1 to Grade 12.  Black shorts for Kindergarten pupils.
  • All under-shirts must be plain white.
  • Shoes are to be colored black, leather type, loafer style, with or without shoelaces. The soles of the shoes may be rubber. White socks are to be worn. Tennis or basketball shoes are to be used for Physical Education classes only. Slippers are not allowed at any time.

Uniform for Girls

  • White gala uniform with PUNP logo. Short sleeves for Grade 6 and below while long sleeves for Grade 7 and above.
  • Girl’s shoes must be black, flat, leather-type, and worn with plain white socks (knee high socks may be worn on cold days). Rubber soles are allowed. Tennis or basketball shoes are for Physical Education classes only.