University Policies

Student Discipline

Disciplinary actions are aimed at character formation and values education. Disciplinary infractions are categorized into four. Each category is defined and examples are given along with disciplinary actions. Other forms of misbehavior not listed below will be dealt with accordingly. These guidelines apply to behavior inside of the campus and student in PUNP uniform outside school. A student meted out with disciplinary action is not eligible for an office in a student organization, honors, and leadership awards.


Such offense does not represent a direct threat to the health and safety of others but its educational consequences are serious enough to require corrective action.

  • Absenteeism (2 to 3 unexcused absences).
  • Tardiness (4 times tardiness = 1 day unexcused absence).
  • Cutting classes (1 cutting class = 1 unexcused absence).
  • Leaving the school premises without Special Permission (SP) signed by proper school authority.
  • Staying/loitering/playing in off-limits/dangerous areas such as corridors, offices, classrooms when there are no classes, etc. and obstructing passageways/corridors.
  • Making unnecessary noise like shouting, howling, running, and stomping on corridors, staircase, floor, etc.
  • Not wearing or the improper use of school uniform; inappropriate attire; tampering of I.D.
  • Refusal to present I.D. when asked.
  • Failure to complete requirements/carry out instructions; inactive to class discussions and/or lectures; playing balls or other physical games inside the classrooms.
  • Possession and playing of cards.
  • Disruptive/distracting classroom behavior such as making unnecessary movements, conversations, going in and out without permission, occupying a seat other than that officially assigned, etc.
  • Entry of outsiders to campus or classrooms without permission, in which case, students involved will be liable.
  • Prolonged physical activities like basketball, volleyball a day before and during the periodical examination days, or during unauthorized periods.
  • Posting materials without permission.
  • Lying (depending on the severity)

Disciplinary Authorities:

Teachers/Staff members, Head Master or Higher Authorities


  • Oral/Written reprimand
  • Issuance of Green Slip
  • Campus Service
  • Confiscation of I.D.
  • Submission of I.D. to Deputy Head.
  • Conference with the Deputy Head (or representative) when the student gets his/her I.D.
  • Confiscation of playing materials.



This refers to actions that are repetitions or extensions of simple offenses. This also refers to actions indicating disrespect for symbols of the country and of the school.

  • Repetition (4 – 7  times) of simple offenses
  • Absenteeism (4 unexcused absences)
  • Unauthorized use of the same name or seal of the school.
  • Misbehavior during the flag ceremony and other school sponsored activities like seminars, convocations, symposia, and contest in or out of the school.
  • Public display of affection (PDA)

Disciplinary Authorities:

Teachers/Staff members, Head Master or Higher Authorities


  • Suspension (1-2 days) with special tasks, the duration of which shall depend on the gravity or frequency of offense
  • Campus Service
  • Detention (1 hour community service)
  • Parental conference with the school authorities concerned
  • Conference with Guidance Counselor
  • Quarterly rating of NI (Needs Improvement) in conduct



This refers to any of the following actions:

  • Actions that are repetitious or extension of Minor Offense;
  • Actions that tend to corrupt the morals of the students and encourage vice;
  • Actions directed against persons or property;
  • Actions endangering the health or safety of the school community
  • Repetition of extension (11 to 15 times) of minor offenses (item 1-23);
  • Absenteeism (8 unexcused absences)
  • Repetition of misbehavior at flag ceremony and unauthorized use of school name and seal
  • Noncompliance of assigned disciplinary tasks
  • Extortion of money and goods
  • Threatening intimidating, coercing or provoking others
  • Bullying
  • Gambling
  • Settling off firecrackers
  • Kissing, necking, petting, and doing sexual act in campus or during off – campus
  • Possession, use or distribution of alcoholic drinks in or off campus
  • Abusive or obscene language (oral/written)
  • Lying (depending on the severity)
  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating during tests and in any other requirements

This category includes any of the following actions:

*   Unauthorized use or distribution of notes and other materials from whatever source related to the tests;

*   Copying or allowing another to copy one’s test paper, assignment, report and similar course requirement

*   Whispering, dictating, making sign language or codes during tests;

*   Letting somebody else take the test in which case both parties are equally liable;

*   Fabricating results of any research or experimental data;

* Direct or indirect participation in the leakage of test questions;

* Other acts of cheating reflected in tests or other requirements.

  • Vandalism of property in campus and in facilities used during off campus activities
  • Possession and/or distribution of pornographic materials or smut
  • Fighting in campus and during off – campus activities resulting in no or slight injury

Disciplinary Authorities:

  • Discipline Committee
  • Head Master or Higher Authorities



  • Suspension (3-5 days)
  • Parental conference with the school authorities concerned
  • Conference with Guidance Counselor



This refers to any of the following actions:

  • Actions that are repetitions or extensions of Major Offense;
  • Actions that result in violence to another person or property;
  • Actions that pose a direct threat to the health or safety of the members of the school community;
  • Actions that are clearly criminal and thus punishable by Philippine laws
  • Repetition (more than 15 times) of simple misbehavior; repetition or extension of major offenses (items 1 to 39); Absenteeism (12 or more unexcused absences)
  • Bomb threats
  • Prank that can / may cause threat or danger to others
  • Smoking in campus and off – campus
  • Arson
  • Any form of hazing or initiation
  • Fighting inside the classroom or inside/outside the school premises resulting in physical injuries
  • Membership in fraternities, sororities and other unauthorized organizations
  • Stealing in or off campus
  • Forgery and/or using forged signatures and notes
  • Tampering with grades and other records/materials
  • Possession of deadly weapons like all kinds of knuckles, guns, knives, or other bladed instruments

Disciplinary Authorities:

  • Discipline Committee
  • Head Master and President


  • Expulsion
  • Parental conference with school authorities
  • Conference with Guidance Counselor


Note: In lieu of SUSPENSION of 1-2 days for Minor Offenses (after careful review and consideration on the certain action depending on the gravity of the offense) Panpacific University administration may require the students to do the following school services:

  • Watering the plants/Gardening/weeding
  • Teacher assistant
  • Library assistant
  • Canteen proctoring
  • Trash cleaning
  • Floor mapping/sweeping
  • Canteen food server
  • Table cleaning